MH17 – Paris NO Match

October 15,  2015 (updated Oct. 25)

Sergey Mastepanov

Time to read —45 minutes

There are four photos and three videos showing the alleged rebel’s Buk. Only the “Paris Match” photos show this Buk at a close distance, which a group of investigative journalists named Bellingcat uses as proof that Buk came from Russia because of “Buk’s fingerprints.” These photos look clearly photoshopped to the naked eye.

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MH17: Buk + Air-to-Air missiles R-60?

June 12, 2015

– by Irina Petrakova, journalist from Moscow, Russia.

A week ago Almaz-Antey, the manufacturer of Buk, held a press conference. During this very interesting event the engineers of the company explained in detail what is wrong with the Western narratives.
Explicitly not excluded by spokesmen of Almaz Antey: the scenario in which air-to-air missiles fired by fighter jet(s) played a role.

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MH17 – ‘Buk plume’ burns witness

July 26, 2015

Digitally altered image posted within 3 hours after MH17 crashed.

More than a year has passed since Malaysian flight MH17 crashed, but we are still waiting for the publication of “overwhelming evidence” of Russian culpability.
The only ‘visual proof’ a Buk missile was fired from rebel controlled territory is a photo posted by an anonymous Twitter account three hours after the crash.

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