Why I’m a Troll

September 29, 2015

Russia and Defense expert Hans de Vreij didn’t like my interview in Sputnik:

After my tweet: “Dutch Ministry of Truth rep and my hat is nicer than yours”……

……. a typical example of Dutch pluriform inquisitive open for debate journalists response:

You’re blocked from following @hdevreij

What about his original tweet in which he calls me a “Useful Idiot”?
Disappeared. Just as untraceable as a modern Russian sub.

Strange….but then there’s always the helpful Bellingcat founder eliot Higgins:

Another example

Steven Derix, Moscow correspondent of Dutch quality newspaper NRC:

“Kremlintrolls advancing in the Netherlands. Fascinating! Too bad they never really want to talk.”

I tweeted back to Derix that, contrary to his assumption, this Kremlin troll really wants to talk. For example, that quality newspaper NRC had copy/pasted a report by Bellingcat that turned out to be complete utter crackpot mambo jambo. Derix that same June 1 tweeted: “Russian satellite photos #MH17 are fake. Convincing @bellingcat job again.”

That Bellingcat’s report was full of wrong assumptions and sheer incompetence could be read on my blog: – About Bellingcat’s claim: “Russian sat pics fake” –

Three days later German Spiegel explained the Bellingcat’s researchers were merely ‘tea leaf reading’. For Dutch quality papers however Spiegel’s retraction is no reason to do the same and admit they spread totally unreliable information from a completely incompetent source.

As Dutch quality newspaper NRC Editor Central and Eastern Europe / former Soviet Union Hubert Smeets explains: “German image analyst criticises Bellingcat. About Russian sat pics you can’t say: fake, neither the opposite.”

Conclusion: Dutch people who only read quality newspapers know that Bellingcat proved Russia has distributed false satellite pictures. Me denying that of course proves me to be a Kremlin troll.

Below photos I used on my old blog Kremlintroll.nl
“Unearthly Photo’s” made by cosmonaut Maxim Suraev.