How the BBC smeared Yana Yerlashova

April 25, 2019 Yana Yerlashova is a Russian documentary filmmaker. She used to work for Russian state TV RT, but recently decided to leave RT and become an independent journalist and that’s when we teamed under the newly founded ‘Bonanza Media’ brand.

MH17 – 1000 Days

April 20, 2017 Reading time ± 35 minutes Since April 12th 2017 a thousand days passed since Malaysian flight MH17 (KLM codeshare KL4103) was shot down above East Ukraine. Up until now, those who did it are not arrested and many questions remain unanswered.

Mea Culpa

September 29, 2015 MH17-research – until today September 29, 2015 I wrote more than 35,000 words on all kinds of subjects related to the MH17 shoot down. Mistakes are inevitable and I think it is good practice to admit them, be open about them and give credit to the people who correct them.

MH17 – Haunt the BUK

September 11, 2015 In anticipation of the Dutch Safety Board’s final report expected to be released October 13, it can’t harm to publish the latest research conducted by Michael Kobs and others dissecting social media ‘proof’ a Russian Buk supposedly downed MH17.