September 6, 2018

Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins claims:

Factcheck: Fake News

Few days ago I was trying to have an adult conversation with Mr. Polyanskiy, First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN.

To my surprise, after I asked him:

“Why not present high quality sat images and other data to substantiate Russian claim Ukraine had operational Buk systems in ATO near crash site?”

Mr. Polyanskiy politely replied:

“Max van der Werff, thank you for your efforts to establish the truth through your blog. We will do it and we already transferred a lot of this kind of information to the JIT. But they just ignore it cause they want only to prove Russian blame.”

By stating “We will do it and we already transferred a lot of this kind of information to the JIT”, Mr. Polyanskiy evidently replies to my question and refers to ‘high quality sat images and other data’  to be presented to the MH17 Joint Investigation Team in my tweet.

Eliot Higgins’s statement “Russia admits it submits MH17 Truther websites and blogs about MH17 to the JIT as evidence,” is of course a direct reply to Mr. Polyanskiy’s tweet, but the Bellingcat founder warps Mr. Polyanskiy’s words about data of “sat images and other data” to data from “Truther websites and blogs about MH17”.

In a connected tweet Mr Higgins requests: “As you’re engaging with bellingcat staff can you share your government’s evidence Bellingcat is producing fabricated evidence?”

Well, as certified Kremlin Troll it seems to me if the Russian government sends this webpage to Bellingcat demonstrating clearly fabricated evidence with malicious intent, the issue is once and for all settled. Bellingcat has been caught producing fabricated evidence.

But that is not how it works in the NATO+ Universe.

When I as ‘Truther’ open any tweet of Eliot Higgins, this is what the screen shows:

It takes another account or browser in incognito mode for me to actually see the tweet:

“If they have to resort to that then they really are totally fucked,” Higgins writes.

Look at the word “If”.

IF your aunt were your uncle, she’d have balls, would she not Eliot?
Highly likely, at least.

Many think the reason for blocking a person is the blocked person cannot see the tweets. It is not, since the block can be easily circumvented with a second account or watching in anonymous mode in your browser. The reason for a block is to exclude a person from engaging in exchanging arguments.

Fact: it is the Dutch police/prosecution who asked me to submit the data I collected during +2,000 hours of research. During a four hour interview two JIT officials and I discussed many issues. They patiently listened to my explanations why, in my opinion, the official investigation is fundamentally flawed. The article MH17 – 1000 Days gives a good impression about how detailed the Q & A was.

The claim: “Russia admits it submits MH17 Truther websites and blogs about MH17 to the JIT as evidence,” is not only fraudulent, it is an incredibly dumb claim too.


Please read what Dr. Krawetz had to say about Higgins in All mouth, no Trousers and especially for readers from the Netherlands the piece continues with ‘Behind the Curtain’ about burgerjournalist Marcel van den Berg and his modus operandi.

Bellingcatter Henk van Ess thought Thomas Binder is showing sometimes brown, sometimes blue eyes and (just for fun?) tweeted about it. I instantly saw the brown and blue eyed Thomas Binder are not one and the same individual.

Henk deleted his tweet and I pointed out to him that we all make mistakes and that his claim has been solidly debunked.

Unlike Eliot, Henk has balls!

Charlatan, Zyklon-B Joker Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins calling me a Truther has to stop and he must learn from one of the group’s senior members Henk van Ess to give me credits when due and engage in mutually respectful exchange of arguments and stop blocking honest opposition.

And last, but not least, finally, Eliot Higgins really should apologise to and professor Postol. for this horrible remark.